AMONG THE GIANTS – Slovenian wild roads

CLIENT: Among the Giants
PROJECT: Slovenian wild roads
DATE: June / 2017

We were not wrong in choosing Slovenia as a destination for this second edition. Actually, it was a great bet on the unknown and we played a lot, but finally, what we found on our trip to the northwest of the country was really amazing and got us all with our mouths open.

In this trip, we improved many aspects and details thanks to what we learned in the first edition of ATG: Dolomites Experience, and without a doubt, the repercussion in the social networks was much greater.

During our stay in Slovenia we were able to tour the magnificent Triglav National Park, passing by Lake Bled, Trenta, Kranska Gora, crowning all of its most spectacular ports, such as the Jelicnik Pass, also known as the little Mortirolo, the Vrsic Pass with its epics cobbled curves and the majestic Mangart Pass. We even had the opportunity to move the last day to Austria, as a bonus track, cross the border and overcome the 8,000 meters of elevation gain that we accumulated in 3 days, which is already a must in Among the Giants.