Fixed gear lifestyle

Dosnoventa Bikes

The place where it all began. The perfect mix of sun, asphalt, sea and mountains. Friendship, a passion for quality products, many years spent riding bikes and the urge to create something new and different were the factors that gave rise to Dosnoventa in 2010.

From the start, our mission has been to convey our way of seeing and understanding the world through our products and lifestyle.

In a world dominated by mass production and depersonalized products, Dosnoventa manufactures its frames one by one in northern Italy. Since we manufacture them by hand, the piece that each customer receives is unique. A painstakingly designed quality product that is fully timeless in character.

Barcelona, Houston, Detroit, Monte Carlo, Tokyo, Verona, Copenhagen, Seoul, Stuttgart, Edinburgh, Los Angeles… Each of our frames evokes the spirit of a city. These are cities that inspire us. Each is different, unique and unrepeatable, just like our bicycles.

In the era in which we live, when physical distance has vanished, Dosnoventa has created a direct channel to its customers over social networks. Customers become friends and friends become customers. Happy cyclists in over 40 countries with whom we interact every day without any intermediaries so we can provide the best product as directly and effectively as possible.

Dosnoventa is much more than a bicycle brand. It is a collective, a brotherhood and a passion. But most of all, it is a lifestyle.
It is wheels. Bike, car and motorcycle wheels. It is track, road and adventure. It is love and devotion to try to convey a vision, values and in the end, a way of life.

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