superdry bib-shorts


In high humidity conditions, you need clothing that will keep you dry and comfortable as the kilometres roll by. Introducing Exo Superdry, our latest bib short.

Fast-wicking PowerSystem Superdry technology takes care of moisture control, while PowerSystem Endurance provides a top class fit.
An innovative design combines the two fabrics to maximise breathability and maintain an optimum level of compression. Seamless construction on the inner part of the thigh ensures precise, stable adjustment throughout your ride.

Etxeondos Precision & Movement technology provides the carefully-positioned Eraso chamois, combining a perfect anatomical shape with elastic stitching for the smoothest ride.

The Eraso chamois is constructed in a single piece, using hydrophilic foam to expel sweat and keep its core dry. The high density foam absorb impacts during pedaling while a central channel provides pressure relief. An outer layer of Microfiber reduces skin temperature and friction. As in all our chamois, we use an antibacterial treatment, but do not use glue or stamping to avoid any allergic reaction or excessive heating of the skin.

Quick drying, highly breathable.

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